Joint-Stock Company "Ulba Metallurgical Plant" as a socially responsible enterprise invites people with disabilities who need employment and meet the required qualification requirements for vacancies to participate in competitions for filling vacant positions.

Inform your relatives or friends with disabilities about the resources where the vacancies of JSC "UMP" are posted at:

  • UMZ-Inform newspaper.

Этические нормы

Working with us means:

Working at UMP JSC is your confidence in the future and career opportunity at one of the fast-developing Kazakhstani companies.
- Participate in implementation of breakthrough projects;
- Feel support of friends and colleagues;
- Continuously improve your qualification;
- Be fairly compensated for labor;
- Have carrier opportunities.

Еthical standards

Этические нормы Этические нормы

Policy of UMP JSC Management of in the field of (quality, ecology, occupational health and safety) management.

We consider the personnel as our main value. Leadership of all management levels is a necessary component in implementation of occupational safety programs. A high level of social responsibility allows the management to expect reciprocity from the personnel. Any violations of labor discipline and legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan by employees are considered as disrespect to the Management, colleagues and Society as a whole. Alcoholism, drug addiction, theft, and corruption are considered unacceptable behavior.

Social responsibility

Социальная ответственность Социальная ответственность

In accordance with the provisions of the Collective Labor Agreement in excess of the rights, privileges and guarantees as per Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, UMP JSC has additionally assumed the liabilities to provide employees and former (retired) employees of UMP JSC with the following:

Training and development with UMP JSC

Обучение и развитие с АО «УМЗ» Обучение и развитие с АО «УМЗ»

One of UMP JSC goals is to ensure stable success of the Company through improving the efficiency of employees' activities by forming, developing and maintaining the necessary level of employees' qualification that meets the Company needs, taking into account current strategic development requirements and prospects.
Educational activities in the Company can be implemented by dividing them into various education related categories:
1) mandatory training and development programs;
2) professional training;
3) developing a pool of talent and successors;
4) learning of languages;
5) online training;
6) education for students based on grants provided (individuals without employment relationship with the Company (if any);
7) internship (if available).

Corporate culture

Корпоративная культура Корпоративная культура

UMP JSC Social Policy cannot be considered without development of corporate culture, promotion of commitment to the company among its employees. This goal is implemented in various ways:

Job opportunities

Hr-recruiting module – a digital platform for UMP JSC job openings search – was designed for automation and transparency of sourcing and recruitment processes at UMP JSC.

The process of search for jobs is online, application processing and feedback can be tracked.
Hr-recruiting platform was designed to:

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