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UO2 Powders

The unique technology of production UO2 powders, used by Uranium division of UMP JSC, and great experience in manufacturing UO2 powders allow producing the product with wide range of chemical and physical characteristics conforming to the various and tough Customer’s requirements.

UO2 powders, produced by Uranium division of UMP JSC are qualified by General Electric (USA, Japan), WSE (Sweden), NFI (Japan). UMP JSC delivers UO2 powder all over the world: to USA, Europe, Japan and Russia.

Uranium production is capable to manufacture ceramic grade Uranium dioxide powder enriched to 5% of 235U by processing a wide range of Uranium materials, including:

  • UF6
  • U oxides
  • UNH (reprocessed feed material)
  • Fuel process waste, including those containing Gd and Er
  • Scrap of natural metal Uranium production
  • Scrap contaminated with Gd, Er, Th, Tc, Si, C, Zr, Fe
  • Research scrap of inconsistent composition
  • Metal U based scrap
  • Research fuel assemblies and fuel elements material, etc.

Impurity Specification, max.
ppm to U
Impurity Specification, max.
ppm to U
Al 25 Mn 5
B 0.3 Mo 2
Cd 0.2 Ni 20
Ca 50 N 75
C 100 P 35
Cl 15 K 20
Cr 15 Si 30
Co 35 Ag 1
Cu 10 Na 20
Dy 0.15 Sn 50
F 30 W 50
Gd 0.1 V 50
Fe 75 Zn 50
Pb 50 Mg 10

Specification could be revised upon the Customer's request

Item Specification
U isotopes, % > 87.45
O/U ratio < 2.080
Moisture, % < 0.4
Bulk density, g/cm3 1.2+3.5*
Size, mm < 0.71*
Specific surface area, m2/g 2.5+7.0*

* Specification could be revised upon the Customer's request.

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