• One of the worldwide recognized producers of Uranium, Beryllium, Tantalum and Niobium products. The company is incorporated into the National Atomic Company “Kazatomprom” To the future with us!
  • Uranium division of “Ulba Metallurgical Plant” JSC is unique and one of the world largest producers of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants. It has great work experience in nuclear sector To the future with us!
  • Beryllium production of the "Ulba Metallurgical Plant" JSC is one of the three enterprises in the world with full production cycle from ore concentrate processing to finished products output with the rated quality set-ups. To the future with us!
  • Tantalum production of "Ulba Metallurgical Plant" JSC is a single enterprise on the territory of CIS and one of the world largest enterprises with the full production cycle from processing of tantalum and niobium containing raw materials to finished products. To the future with us!

The company

"Ulba Metallurgical Plant" Joint-Stock Company ("UMP" JSC) is located in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Eastern Kazakhstan. Since 1997 the company is a part of National Atomic Company "KAZATOMPROM", presenting interests of the Kazakhstan Republic in the nuclear industry.

Formally "UMP" JSC was found on October 29, 1949. It is the date when the first products were accepted to the warehouse of the company.
By early 70s "UMP" JSC joined a number of the world largest producers of Uranium, Beryllium and Tantalum.
"UMP" JSC - is a unique company with 60 years experience in production and delivery of world level products. Currently the company includes as follows:

  • The largest in CIS countries nuclear fuel production for nuclear industry;
  • Sole in Eurasia production of all kinds of Beryllium products starting with crude ingots to finished parts;
  • Sole in CIS countries Tantalum production equipped with advanced high-capacity equipment capable to process any kind of Tantalum and Niobium raw materials;
  • Advanced production of HF acid;
  • Tools engineering facility with a large experience of manufacturing equipment and high precision parts and components on advanced metal treatment equipment;
  • A firm research basis;
  • A large Design Institute;
  • Strong infrastructure of auxiliary facilities.

Objective: Meet the needs of industry in high quality Uranium, Beryllium, Tantalum, Niobium products and conversion services. Production activity is a basis of our employees and their families prosperity.

Trade mark of "UMP" JSC is registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, China, Poland, Slovakia, USA, Czech Republic, France, Japan

Quality System of "UMP" JSC is certified by TUV-CERT certification body according to ISO-9002 in the following fields:

  • Production of Uranium compounds products (including reprocessed) for nuclear reactors
  • Production of Uranium compounds
  • Production of Beryllium, Beryllium alloys and compounds
  • Production of Tantalum, Tantalum compounds and products

Current company staff accounts for over 6000 workers, technicians and engineers capable to solve any task.
In late in 1999 after re-considering of its role in the world market the company evolved the largest investment program in the history of the plant to develop all productions.
Today, "UMP" JSC and KAZATOMPROM are facing the following task: based on an enormous potential of the Kazakhstan Republic possessing 25% of the world Uranium sources, bring the nuclear industry to a qualitatively new level. Having available significant stocks of Beryllium ore, the staff of the company makes its aim to increase sales volume of Beryllium products manufactured on the basis of qualitatively new technologies and take to 20% of the world market. Today, this task is being successfully solved by specialists and managers of the company.

"Ulba Metallurgical Plant is the largest plant and the pride of the Kazakhstan Republic and Russia, therefore, I enjoyed my today's visit to this huge enterprise based on the advanced scientific achievements. The task of the Government and all of us is to do the utmost for the company to work on a stable basis... Wish you success.

from interview of Mr.N.Nazarbayev, President of the Kazakhstan Republic, TV Channel "NTK-Vostok", Ust-Kamenogorsk, 16.10.2000

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