Corporate Management


Corporate governance

UMP JSC is aimed at continuous improvement of its corporate governance system effectiveness by means of steady monitoring and best world practices implementation. Corporate governance in UMP JSC is based on the following principles:

  1. Principle of protection of the Sole Shareholder’s rights and interests.
  2. Principle of effective Company governance by the Board of Directors and the Board.
  3. Principle of transparency and neutrality in disclosure of the information on the Company activities.
  4. Principle of legality and ethics.
  5. Principle of efficient dividend policy.
  6. Principle of efficient personnel policy.
  7. Principle of environment protection.
  8. Principle of occupational safety.
  9. Principle of settlement of corporate conflicts and conflicts of interests.
  10. Principle of responsibility.

kn  UMP JSC corporate government system includes the bodies as follows: 

Supreme body is the Sole Shareholder;
Regulatory body is the Board of Directors;
Executive body is the Board.

Structure of UMP JSC corporate governance clearly defines separation of authorities between UMP JSC bodies.

kn  Corporate Secretary of UMP JSC is Mr. Nurzhan Yergazhiyevich Zaripov