Reference show-piece

UMP took part in the creation of a unique object – Stone Alley.

A letter signed by Ardak Adilzhanov, the director of the Geological Exploration College of Semey was duly received at the plant. It noted that the first geologist students graduated 90 years ago – in 1932. In honor of this significant date, the college has planned the creation of Stone Alley exhibition.

– The exposition will feature rocks and ores from all over Kazakhstan, notable for their structural, textural, color, morphological and other features, – said Dayuren Yesenamov, Acting Director of the college.

The letter was forwarded to Rustam Galilov, the head of the Mining and Processing Complex, with a proposal for UMP participation in the exhibition. Organizational and technical aspects were taken over by Askhat Shakenov, Deputy Head – MPC technologist.

– MPC participated in such an event for the first time, and it was of interest to us, of course, – says Askhat Serikbolovich. – Employees at the processing plant warehouse promptly picked up quartz-fluorite stone with rare varieties of fluorite shades, namely, green with layers of purple. As a result, a sample weighing 304 kg, measuring almost a meter by a meter, was transported to the college!

Now a sample of quartz-fluorite ore from the Karajal deposit occupies an honorable place in the exposition, adequately representing UMP.

– We express our gratitude to the management of the Ulba Metallurgical Plant and MPC specialists for their active participation in the Stone Alley creation, – stressed the managers of the Geological Exploration College. – Quartz-fluorite sample will serve as a visual material in the study of Kazakhstan subsoil by future specialists!

By Razia Sertayeva