Best Innovators of Kazatomprom!

Rationalization is not just a warm–up for the mind, it is a way of life open to everyone.

UMP JSC is a regular participant in the annual innovation competition among employees of Kazatomprom subsidiaries and affiliates. The purpose of the event is to popularize innovation activities, increase the creative activity of employees, stimulate and promote the development of innovation.

Rationalization proposals, along with inventions, play an important role in improving production processes. They allow employees to show the fruits of "technical creativity". Thanks to the developed proposals, improvements are being made to organizational and technical solutions, equipment and technological processes are being modernized, and specific production conditions are being improved.

As in previous years, 2021 was not an exception for UMP JSC and according to the results of consideration by the expert commission of NAC Kazatomprom, beryllium and tantalum production proposals were recognized as winners from the plant.

– A method for increasing the volume of condensate heating steam involved in the technological process of obtaining technical beryllium hydroxide" – 1st place in the nomination "The best innovation proposal within the framework of the initiative "Green Mindset – Green thinking". Authors Evgeny Sokolov, Vitaly Nikitin, Ivan Lysyak and Alexander Kirillov (BP) were paid a one-time remuneration in the amount of 500,000 tenge.

– Use of a Linx 5900 drip–jet printer and a conveyor belt for marking ligature ingots" - 2nd place in the nomination "The best digital solution for production". Dmitry Andreev and Alexander Sveridenko (BP) received a one-time reward in the amount of 300,000 tenge.

– Changing the technology of processing the turnover of metallurgical production of condenser powders by using direct electron beam remelting - 2nd place in the nomination "The best innovation proposal that creates a social or other effect". Authors Alexey Alekseev, Vladislav Ralovets, Denis Moskvichev and Viktor Yavorovsky (TP) were awarded remuneration in the amount of 300,000 tenge.

Tatiyana Sizikova, Head of BNTIiPLR, Samal Iskakova