Five out of six!

Every year NAC Kazatomprom sums up the results of its rationalization activities for the year. The difficult 2020 not only became no exception, but even became more successful for Ulba residents. UMP employees won prizes in five out of six nominations. In mid-May the Exhibition Center hosted a ceremonial presentation of diplomas to the best rationalizers of the plant.

Sergey Lemeshko, Sergey Konevsky and Igor Ignatenko were awarded a diploma of the 1st degree for the victory in the nomination "The best digital solution for production". Their rationalization proposal “The use of video surveillance cameras for visual inspection of the inner part of the lining and the condition of the walking hearth furnace heaters” was rewarded in the amount of KZT 500,000.

In the nomination "The best rationalization proposal within the framework of the Green Mindset - Green thinking" initiative, the 1st degree diploma was awarded to the rationalization proposal "The use of nitric acid filtrate in the technological process of enrichment and fluorine removal from the concentrate of the Ermakovskoye field." Its authors are the chief Evgeny Sokolov, technologist Erik Tazbulatov (both from the hydrometallurgical department of shop No.1 of the Beryllium Operations), Evgeniy Dmitriyev, process engineer of the Beryllium Operations, Irina Shkarpetina, research engineer of the beryllium laboratory of the Scientific Center. They also became owners of a remuneration of KZT 500,000.

- Of course, we are glad that we received such an award. Our rationalization proposal was made in two directions: the first is the saving of nitric acid and the second is the reduction of liquid waste. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank the production and technical department of UMP, since the selection is made by an expert commission. Also, thanks to the experts of Kazatomprom, gratitude to the management of the beryllium production and the plant as a whole for their support, - Yevgeny Dmitriev spoke in response.

Employees of R shop of Uranium Operations - Sergey Guzeev, the head, Vladislav Kogai, the head of the department for the pellet production, Anton Dolganov,  technologists of the pellet production department and Maxim Titov, as well as the operator Sergey Tverdokhlebov received a diploma of the third degree and a one-time reward of KZT 200,000 for winning in the nomination " The best rationalization proposal that creates a social or other effect." Their innovative proposal is called "Installation of an emergency limit switch for COURTOY press".

The II degree diploma and KZT 300,000 were received by Alexander Shushannikov, the master mechanic of "V" shop of Uranium Operations for the victory in the "Best rationalizer" nomination. Also, Anton Dolganov, a technologist of the pellet production department, R shop, was awarded a diploma of the II degree and a reward of KZT 300,000 for the victory in the nomination "Best young rationalizer".

UMP JSC was awarded a 1st degree diploma for the victory in the nomination "Best rationalization proposal within the framework of the Green Mindset - Green thinking" initiative and in the nomination "Best digital solution for production", a III degree diploma for the victory in the nomination "Best rationalization proposal that creates social or other effect.”

For participation in the competition, 38 authors were awarded letters of thanks.

- Thanks to all the participants and their leaders for organizing the work. Special thanks to Alexander Nikolaevich Borsuk and Tatyana Viktorovna Golovanova! I wish you to continue in the same spirit. I would like, of course, to take all the first places, but I feel sorry for others too, we decided to share. Our science, our technology, our scientists have always been and remain the best! – Vladimir Vakhnenko, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board – Senior Engineer honored the winners.

By Samal Iskakova