Nikita SuperStar

Who at ULBA doesn»t know Nikita? Everyone knows Nikita! To be more precise, everyone knows Nikita's beautiful voice. And now, thanks to his voice and charisma, the whole country knows him.

Nikita Popenk, Instrumentation Technician of Tantalum production as part of the East Kazakhstan team took part in the republican television project SuperQala.Kz. And not just took part but became a winner! The project aims to define a region where the most singing, dancing, in general, the most talented people live. And this region turned out to be ours!

The organizers of the project, Channel One Eurasia, themselves found and contacted our colleague and offered to go through an online casting. And after listening immediately invited to come to Almaty.

«All rehearsals and performances were held in the theater of a young spectator named after Gabit Musrepov. There were two actors in our team, me – a very charismatic locksmith, journalist, kindergarten teacher, taxi driver and housewife,»– says Nikita.

According to our hero, the schedule was very busy. Rehearsals and performances took place from morning until late in the evening, with a short break for lunch.

In each round, the team was given a song to come up with a script and play it on stage, bringing to the viewer its main meaning. Thus, the project checked not only vocal data, but also acting skills and team play.

The visiting card of the guys from the East Kazakhstan region was the song «Әсем ән» by Serik Ibragimov. This is a positive composition that charges from the first notes. Thanks to that song, our team immediately liked the audience and left the rivals from Aktau behind! However, Nikita»s team was not very happy about the victory.

«We became friends with these guys, were neighbors in rooms, and when we won, it was even a little sad because they were leaving home,» – recalls the factory worker.

In the second round, Taldykorgan became rivals. Our compatriots performed with the famous song of Alexander Serov «I love you to tears.» They wrote a script based on the fates of famous couples – Jack and Rose from the Titanic, Quasimodo and Esmeralda from the Notre Dame Cathedral, Tolegen and Kyz Zhibek. It was a strong move, and it brought victory.

In the semifinals, the guys competed with the team of Aktobe. They performed for the song of Kairat Nurtas «Zhұbatuғa arnalady bұl Onim». The song impressed everyone; it was based on the plot of the fairy tale «Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs». Nobody expected this, and the jury appreciated the director's plan, acting and, of course, vocals.

In the final, Nikita's team competed with the team from Atyrau. To the famous Muslim Magomayev»s song «Blue Eternity», the guys played... pirates.

«We must pay tribute to the jury. They fulfilled their mission in full, keeping intrigue and tension to the end. When we were declared winners, it was simply unbelievable! To be honest, I even cried. And yes, the promised five million were paid to us as winners. We honestly divided them among all team members. I take this opportunity to thank my leaders for always supporting and giving me the opportunity to participate in such events!-» shares Nikita Popenko.

«UMP-Inform», in turn, congratulates Nikita on behalf of all the factory workers and wishes new creative victories!

Press-Service UMP JSC