+4 Holders of Master's Degree at the Plant

On January 28, Sergey Golovin, Zangar Serik, Merey Kumatayeva and Gulmira Kamelkhan brilliantly defended their master's thesis. They are the present and future employees of Ulba Metallurgical Plant.

It all started in spring 2017, when an International Higher Technical School Oskemen was established within the framework of cooperation between UMP JSC and EKSTU named after D. Serikbayev. Its purpose is to train specialists for the plant. The first holders of master's degree are already working in the company. The current four is the second graduation.

Sergey, Zangar, Merey and Gulmira started their training in autumn 2018. Not only the EKSTU tutors but also invited associate professors and candidates of science from leading specialized universities of Russia presented their lectures. Professor Boris Syrnev, a Doctor of technical sciences was an Academic supervisor for four of them. Specialists of the plant provided scientific guidance and advice to the undergraduates.

The topics were chosen based on the relevance of operational problems. Sergey Golovin was the first to defend his thesis. His master's thesis was entitled «Influence of smelting method on the structure and properties of deformed semi-finished products».

– In spite of the fact that Sergey studied absolutely not on a profile as at the plant he is an expert in the field of electric power, he mastered tantalum metallurgy perfectly, – Boris Vladimirovich gave an assessment to the student.

Gulmira Kamelkhan was the second with her report. She worked on studying the effect of qualitative characteristics of hydrofluoric acid on precipitation of gadolinium fluoride. Gulmira is a native of China, and she had the hardest time learning as she is a native speaker of Chinese and Kazakh languages. The girl had to intensively learn Russian. But the student made every effort and along with everyone got to the finish line.

Then, Zangar Serik presented his work to the strict Commission. His dissertation was «Investigation of the effect of washing soda solutions on technological extraction refining parameters «.

– Zangar is an employee of chemical processing of Beryllium Operations. He knows chemical processes very well. The results of his work, in my opinion, are positive – – Boris Syrnev described the master's student.

Merey Kumatayeva was the last to present the report. The Commission listened to the report on the topic «Selection of optimal dry lubricant for manufacturing of fuel pellets that ensures improvement of their properties» with great interest. The Academic supervisor noted Merey as one of the most able-minded students.

Manarbek Kylyshkanov, the Head of UMP Scientific Center provided reviews for master's thesis.

Ulba Metallurgical Plant provides not only training but also guarantees employment. This cooperation is an opportunity for the company to get highly qualified specialists and for employees to get confidence in the future. Sergey and Zangar are current employees of the Plant. Sergey is an electrician for operational maintenance of distribution networks, Power Center, Zangar is an operator working at Beryllium Operations. Merey Kumatayeva and Gulmira Kamelkhan are awaiting for assignment to the company. We congratulate the holders of master's degree on their defense and wish them further success!

Being a child, I thought that the defense of a diploma is when you fight with teachers for your diploma. It would be better if it were so.

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Samal Iskakova