Achievements and awards

2020 2nd place of the European Innovation Award 2020 in the field of fusion technology

At the 31st international symposium on thermonuclear fusion technology SOFT 2020 in Croatia, the development of KIT scientists (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany) took second place. The idea of development is the use of titanium beryllide in thermonuclear reactors. The practical part of the development is based on studies of titanium beryllide samples manufactured and tested at UMP JSC.

The joint work of UMP JSC with scientists from Karlsruhe led to the development of an industrial process for producing titanium beryllide. UMP JSC employees have developed a technological method for producing titanium beryllide.

2020 г. 2-ое место Европейской премии за инновации 2020 года в сфере технологии термоядерного синтеза