Employees of the year

NAC Kazatomprom JSC held an awards ceremony for the «Жыл қызметкері-2022» («Employee of the year-2022») contest for the title of the best employee of the year.

The competition was held in three categories – «Professional», «Mentor», and «Perspective». The winners were honored on September 30 in Shymkent as part of the celebration of Nuclear Industry Workers Day.

Ulba residents also participated in the event. Nurzhan Kozhakhmetov, an operator in the hydrometallurgical department of BO, won in the «Mentor» category. Larisa Kantalinskaya, physical-chemical engineer of the group of physical-chemical methods of analysis of TC, and Alexey Tkachenko, mechanic of CI&A of UO workshop «B», were awarded the title «Professional».

– It is nice to receive from Kazatomprom such a high assessment of my daily work! I am grateful to my supervisors, who brought me up to be a professional! I am proud of the appreciation of the chemist profession in our company! – says Larisa Kantalinskaya.

– This is the first time I have received such a high award, and I am even happier that the management of NAC Kazatomprom allowed me to take my wife with me. It's a double joy to go to the award ceremony accompanied by a loved one – shares Nurzhan Kozhakhmetov.

– This is the first time I have been nominated for such a contest, before that I only participated in factory contests. This nomination means that I am appreciated as an employee. You could say that it is not just a profession, but already a vocation – shares Alexey Tkachenko.

Employees of all Kazatomprom subsidiaries and affiliates participate in the industry award «Жыл қызметкері-2022» («Employee of the year-2022»). For Nurzhan Kozhakhmetov, Larisa Kantalinskaya and Alexei Tkachenko, winning the contest was a well-deserved award and a high evaluation of their work.

By Samal Iskakova