Turning Master

Working day of the turner of the highest 7th grade of Work shop «R» UO Viktor Mukhin begins very early. For 46 years in a row, he has crossed the threshold of the entrance of the plant, which has become his second home. He comes to his workshop: receives assignments on secondment – urgent and non-urgent, starts the machines and begins serious and painstaking work.

Huge experience, high qualification of a lathe operator (universal), who knows how to work with all types of materials and on all lathes of the workshop, 28 thanks in his personal file, most of which are for innovation, will be later. In the meantime, we recall with Viktor Nikolaevich how it all began.

– Right after the army, I came to work in a mechanic shop as an apprentice turner. My father worked here as a mechanic. On the first day it was very difficult, although after the service I had good physical fitness, my legs were shaking by the end of the day. But loafers did not linger in the mekhtsekh – hard work was always appreciated. I respectfully remember my teachers – Pyotr Sokerny, Rafael Sharifullin, Alexander Zakharov. They taught me everything, in practice. Then I switched to uranium production, where I still work.

The main task of the shop turner is to fulfill the orders of the repair service for the manufacture of parts for equipment. In order to prevent the technological process from stopping, it is often necessary to postpone the current work and take up an urgent emergency order. We go into the workshop. Incisors and blanks are laid out in strict order. The main tool of the specialist (calipers, nutrometers, goniometers, indicator heads, micrometers), as well as an old, battered turner's handbook. Viktor Nikolaevich Mukhin studies the drawing, then first refills the cutters on the stripping and grinding machine, with the help of which he then proceeds to work on restoring the part of the «flange» of centrifugal ECC-320 apparatus. First, you need to sharpen the workpiece «hub» strictly according to the dimensions on the lathe, then the welder welds it, and then returns it to Viktor Nikolaevich for finishing.

– This is painstaking work, there are large revolutions on this equipment, and it must work properly, the workpiece must be set very precisely so that there is no beating on the parts, – says Denis Boyarinov, acting master mechanic of workshop «R».

Moreover, the work is so accurate that the bill goes to hundredths of a millimeter, as our hero says, they «need to be caught.» In general, Viktor Nikolaevich perfectly owns turning, milling, grinding, stripping-grinding, slotting, drilling, radial drilling machines, there are many varieties in the shop. This is his versatility and professionalism.

– I would like to note that Viktor Nikolaevich's work has a tangible economic effect for our workshop. For example, we are not currently buying shafts for pumps, as well as a number of necessary parts for production, but we order a «round stone», metal, and from it he grinds out parts of any complexity according to drawings and samples. There are only a few such specialists left at the plant. In our workshop, Viktor Mukhin is the only turner, when he goes on vacation, he can be replaced if the detail is simple, but he always fulfills all complex orders,» says Denis Boyarinov.

There are a lot of components of the equipment of shop «R» UO, which have to be put in order due to the effects of aggressive environments and temperatures, or to grind new ones. This list includes shafts of different sizes, bushings for pumping equipment, spare parts for furnace gearboxes, crane beams, bearing housings, parts for reactors, extractors, flanges, seals for centrifuges and much more. To make them, you need to have certain skills in metalworking, boring, drilling, threading, grinding. Details are made of different materials – stainless steel, textolite, fluoroplast, graphite, etc. Viktor Nikolaevich, on duty, can produce a part from 2 mm in diameter to 250 mm with increased processing accuracy, as far as the equipment of the workshop allows.

– If you have the appropriate equipment and the necessary equipment, you can do almost anything, – our hero notes. Inquisitive mind, ingenuity, and according to Viktor Mukhin, head and attentiveness, are reflected in 16 rationalization proposals with his participation.

A good part of the workshop equipment has been remade by the hands of our universal turner. Often the parts come for one purpose, and in the workshop – others. Viktor Nikolaevich refines, modernizes, extends the service life and reliability. And he generously shares his experience, at any time you can turn to him for advice. The account of his pupils goes to dozens.

A good team, interesting work, friends in life – this is a factory. And at home – a friendly family. Now daughters Natalia, Tatiana and grandchildren Vika, Andrey and Max live in Novosibirsk. Where the loving and beloved father and grandfather, together with his wife Elena, often go to visit.

Anna Chumina