Best Innovators of UMP!

The results of the annual competition Innovator of UMP JSC were summed up at Ulba Metallurgical Plant. The Commission considered the proposals implemented in 2021.

The essence of rationalization activity is that any employee, having discovered a flaw in the technical or organizational process, can put forward a proposal to solve the problem. The introduction of rationalization proposal entails an effect that has a positive impact on the company’s activities. In addition to the beneficial effect, rational proposals can also bring economic benefits.

The authors of the proposals are paid remuneration, the amount of which is calculated depending on the amount of use, significance and usefulness of the rational proposal.

The system of production innovations of UMP JSC is based on the main principle of rationalization – the rationalized should not harm the rational.

In 2021, 71 rationalization proposals were implemented. The competition was held in three categories: The best innovation proposal of the year, The most original innovation proposal of the year and The best innovation support system in the department.

By the decision of the commission, the winner in the first nomination in the group of main productions was recognized as the rationalization proposal Restoration of the screw support unit of the centrifuge N-300B. Its authors are uranium production workers Evgeny Kovtun, Vladimir Antropov and Alexander Shushanikov.

In the group of auxiliary productions in the same nomination, the winner was the proposal Changing the external energy saving scheme of UMP JSC with the commissioning of power transmission line No. 116. This solution was proposed by SDTP employees: Andrey Vykhodtsev, Adilzhan Orzhanov, Evgeny Efimov.

In the nomination The most original innovation proposal of the year, the prize was shared by two rational proposals: the use of spent SHA-1 fireclay bricks from an electric arc capped ore-thermal furnace (CRTP) for lining a mill for draining ferroalloy (authors: Evgeny Sokolov and Ivan Lysyak (BP) and Changing the technology of production of tantalum pallets according to drawing C-34373-01 T8 for AVX by using a compensation spacer for stamping (authors: Nikolay Lebedev and Nikolay Gorokhov (TP).

Uranium production was recognized as the winner in the nomination The best innovation support system in the division (Director – Konstantin Kuzmin, commissioners for rationalization and invention – Vladimir Panfilov and Vyacheslav Abubakirov).

All the authors of the winning innovation proposals for active participation in the process of continuous improvement of production were thanked with payment of monetary remuneration.

Samal Iskakova