On February 17, 2022 Sole Shareholder owning all voting shares of UMP JSC made decision to elect Mrs. Assem S. Zhakipova to act as independent director – member of UMP JSC Board of Directors for a period till expiring the authorities of UMP JSC Board of Directors in whole (Minutes of In-Presentia meeting of NAC Kazatomprom JSC Board of Directors No. 1/22 dated February 17, 2022).

Assem S. Zhakipova, FCCA, PMP

Born in 1984. In 2005 she graduated from Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Forecasting (КИМЭП) with a Bachelor»s degree in business administration and accounting. In 2010 she graduated from the University of Cambridge, UK, with Ph.D. in Finance, participant of Bolashak program. From 2018 till now – Geneva Business School, DBA in international finance. From 2009 she acts as the member of ACCA.

Labor experience

From 2005 through 2012 – manager, capital market transaction service, Price WaterhouseCoopers (London, Hong-Kong and Astana).

From 2012 through 2019 – financial manager for Russia/CIS, GE Transportation (Astana).

From 2018 through 2019 – independent director of the company board of directors, member of audit committee with the board of directors, Astana Innovations JSC (Astana).

From 2019 through 2020 – internal auditor, financial service regulator, Astana International Center of Finance (AICF); Chief Operational Director, AICF court (AICF), AICF international arbitration center;

From 2019 till now – independent director of Akbastau JV JSC Board of Directors.