The one and only

It’s slightly sad... These words can describe the atmosphere at the meeting in honor of Albert Efimovich Hoffman. On April 12, the closest friends and colleagues came to the Exhibition Center to personally thank the wonderful person and leader. This meeting was more like a recognition of the merits of the most respected Ulba resident but not like parting. However, judge for yourself ...

“Such a rich work experience - 67 years at the plant! Probably, not a single UMP employee will be able to beat your record. Numerous high awards, titles, orders, medals are the best assessment of your work. On my own behalf, I want to thank you for the establishment and development of uranium production and for the icon of the plant - the Exhibition and Information Center. We shall always be happy to see you at UMP. Our doors will always be open for you like the doors of my office. Health to you! Thank you for being! All generations of Ulba residents look at you and take an example from you”.

Sergey Bezhetskiy UMP JSC Board Chairman

“You have not only created a uranium production. You are witnessing the next step of our uranium production - the construction of a plant for fuel assemblies. This step would not have been possible without you. It’s hard to overestimate the knowledge and experience that you have passed on to us. We take over the baton from you and are committed to work efficiently and with full dedication. Don't forget our production! Remember that we go further and develop our plant! Stay healthy!"

Vladimir Vakhnenko Deputy Board Chairman - Senior Engineer

“When 40 years ago I came to one of the meetings, my leader approached me, pointed to one of those present and said: “Remember this person”. I asked him: “Who is this? "This is Hoffman, head of Shop 8." And when we left, I asked the head: “Why did you single out this particular person among the many?” And he replied: “Because there are many bosses, and Hoffman is like that - one! He started shop 8 at the plant from scratch - the most powerful one, and now he is in charge.” I continued to ask: "Isn't our shop powerful?" And the answer was: “Powerful. Only our shop gives three percent of the profit, and his shop gives 90%." And I will remember for the rest of my life what this one person did for the plant!

And yet, people often say about their work: "I was so lucky to come to our plant." And I think that we should all say: "The plant was lucky that Albert Efimovich came here in 1953." Albert Efimovich did so much at the plant that no one else did. And I think it's worth publishing a book about Hoffmann's work for the plant. Albert Efimovich, thank you very much for your help, support and advice. It is priceless. And not only from me. I have heard from many people how valuable your mentoring was. I wish you health and long, long life! "

Yuri Shakhvorostov Former Board Chairman

“You are a true legend of the Ulba plant. You came to the factory before my father was born. It is a great honor for me to see you off to your pension. Your seniority is fantastic. I wish you the strongest health and many more years of life!"

Alexander Angilevko Director – Tantalum Operations

“You are the founder of the uranium production. We are, by human standards, just grandchildren. Today, in honor of you, only words of gratitude. Thank you! You showed us that you can solve any unsolvable problem and overcome any problem. I wish you good health and many years of life!"

Konstantin Kuzmin Director – Uranium Operations

“Feelings are overwhelmed by participation in the fact that we see you off to retirement. I would especially like to note the delicacy with which you guided us, being already the director of the Exhibition Center, invited us to a conversation on technological issues, prompted something, and most importantly, inspired us to solve production problems. And what is your inexhaustible subtle sense of humor, which makes communication with you simply unforgettable!? Long life to you and health in the retirement period!".

Yevgeni Frantz Director – Beryllium Operations

“Albert Efimovich and I are almost the same age, he has 67 years of service and I am 68. I worked for 45 years, the plant called me and I came back. Albert Efimovich, maybe you can come back and we do something together?! And so, from the bottom of my heart I wish you good way to a new life - a well-deserved rest!"

Alexander Shumkin Professional adjustment expert

“A very exciting moment. We say warm words, but we perfectly understand that tomorrow, when at home, our Albert Efimovich will remember every day he spent at the plant. I even have such a thought – why not publish the Hoffmann Book of Records at the plant? Albert Efimovich worked in almost all industries, but the most important thing that he had done at the plant is the creation of a uranium production and a museum. Several generations have studied with you. Please stay in close contact with us all, and we will not give you the opportunity to forget us, we will invite you to all events, activities, do not expect a quiet life. And maybe with your ability to express thoughts and with your sense of humor, you will create a collection of memories? I am confident that it will be a bestseller for future generations to read."

Alexander Borsuk Head – Production and Technical Dept.

And the meeting ended with an unhurried, wise response word of an immensely modest man - Albert Efimovich:

“So much has been said about me that it’s hard to believe that I am like that. I have always considered myself and still consider myself a simple Soviet person of Jewish nationality. Yes, 67 years have been devoted to my beloved plant, and the greatest and best period of my life was spent in the socialism. This is the period of creation, formation and development of a great plant. Many of you were not even born then, so you got a different period - the period of the Renaissance and, I must say, you coped successfully: the plant was revived and has been working reliably and stably for more than 20 years. And as I leave, I would like to say thank you very much for that.

And I would also like to wish you, young people, not like a mentor, but simply as a man. Yes, we were taught to work not for the sake of the process, but for the sake of the goal, and they set us tasks of state importance. First it was an atomic bomb, then beryllium, then peaceful atomic energy. We had a very big responsibility: it was impossible to disrupt the deadlines for fulfilling these goals. And we were already becoming adults at the age of 20. Neither wisdom nor knowledge can be attained if one does not strive for them. And we constantly learned from great teachers. For me they were Boris Zinovievich Eidis, Vladimir Petrovich Potanin, Efim Pavlovich Slavsky. You do not have such teachers, but you have the history of the great factory, reliably recorded in books and films, and in this museum. And I think that it is our history that will show you the right vector of the necessary development, and I wish you every success in this!"

Your Albert Hoffmann

It is difficult to imagine the life of the Ulba Metallurgical Plant without Albert Efimovich, as he himself jokes: "That was 4 years only the plant was without me." This Man lived through 67 years of labor, or better to say - of heroic experience. It's all him ...

By Yulia Antonova