Anniversary of Abai in UMP JSC

This year marks 175 years of the great poet and thinker Abai Kunanbayev. In honor of the significant event in Kazakhstan, a new holiday was approved. Abai's day will be celebrated on August 10 – his birthday.

The anniversary of the writer is also celebrated at the international level, including within the framework of UNESCO. This is a great pride for all Kazakhstanis. A whole galaxy of festive, solemn and educational events takes place in our country. Their list is published on the website of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Employees of the Ulba Metallurgical Plant, along with all Kazakhstanis, honor the memory of the great enlightener. The company has organized a number of events in his honor.

Thus, an exhibition of Abai's books is being held in the UMP library. There are about 40 of them. Editions in Kazakh, Russian, English. There is a 1970 book, and there are modern ones. There are also audio recordings of kyui composed by the great composer.

The realities of time dictate their own conditions: the factory workers can now touch the creativity of Abai also virtually – on the internal portal. In addition to the book exhibition, part of the video tour is dedicated to the monuments of Abai. It turns out that the monuments to the great enlightener are installed in different countries of the world – Russia, France, Hungary, Egypt, China, Uzbekistan, Iran and Turkey.

Also in the scientific center of the plant, the exposition «The World of Abai» is comfortably located.

– In our division, we often organize exhibitions. Today's one is dedicated to the work and life of the famous Abai. Employees can read interesting facts from the life and work of the writer, see his lifetime photographs and portraits, recall the famous words of edification, which are relevant to this day, – the organizers from the UMP scientific center tell.

Well, the young factory workers went even further – they held a video challenge in which they read and sang works of the poet and composer.

A significant event for the plant workers was the competition for the anniversary of the poet, organized by the corporate culture department. It was held in three nominations: mastery of artistic reading, musical performance of Abai's songs, children's drawing «We read Abai.»

12 works were presented to the commission. The winners have already been selected, they will be awarded with commemorative diplomas and prizes. The rest of the participants – certificates and incentive prizes.