Song of metal

«The incredible beauty of flowing metal is a fascinating sight and a great responsibility. And when two nondescript components make a smooth beautiful ingot-how your heart rejoices!» – this is how Kairat Oruzbayev, operator of the 6th category, foreman of the metallurgical section of the chemical and metallurgical department of Beryllium production, poetically describes his work. Our meeting took place on the eve of the Metallurgist's Day.

The metallurgical site produces products that are in demand from customers in China, Russia, the United States, and Germany. Aluminum-Beryllium, Copper-Beryllium, Nickel-Beryllium master alloys, alloys as granules, rough and technical Beryllium-Kairat Kabdruselevich perfectly knows all the nuances of the processes for obtaining these products. There is no such furnace, and there are 15 of them at the metallurgical site, and there is no process, no matter where Kairat Oruzbayev worked.

20 years of experience and the highest level of the operator allow you to determine the drain temperature, metal density, and content by eye. Not every of his colleagues can boast that they know when the metal is ready to be drained. Kairat Oruzbaev feels that! The responsibility for quality that will satisfy the consumer is huge.

Kairat Oruzbaev:

– I like my profession, I chose my way myself. And I had good teachers, they taught me how to work. I thank my mentors for this experience – and they were Alexander Petrovich Bibikov, Yevgeny Stepanchuk and others. Now I am a mentor myself, a foreman. I must have been so interested in telling my little son about my job that after graduating from the University, he also came to the factory and, like me, became the operator of our department. All that I knew, I passed on to him and I pass on to the others.

When asked what you say to the young people who came to the production, Kairat answered as follows.

– The most important thing is not to be afraid of what you are doing, not to be afraid of high temperatures, not to turn your back to the oven, the operator must always see it. Do not make unnecessary movements in the canyon, do not rush. And as the metallurgists say, catch the jet. The evenness of the jet of the flowing metal is important for the evenness of ingots. And you must work with your soul. Metal feels it and sings!

Arman Myrzakanov, operator of the 6th category of chemical and metallurgical department of Beryllium unit:

– In the canyon, when melting metal, there must be two people-to insure, to help, to lend a shoulder. Kairat Kandrusievich is my mentor. I can say that he raised me to be his partner, I also have grade 6, and we are together in the canyon.

Now when Kairat is in the position of foreman, there are more worries and things to do. He always comes to work an hour earlier than the shift – at 6 am. Daily round-up, inspection, so as not to stop the continuous melting process. If there are any problems– fix, correct, help, prompt, teach, scold, insure.

Oleg Uteshev, acting head of chemical and metallurgical department of Beryllium unit has known Kairat Oruzbayev for 20 years:

– Kairat was often put on a responsible melting, entrusted with special orders, because they knew that he would not fail. In the team, he is an authority, his experience and knowledge help us in our work.

Metallurgist day is a holiday of professionals, competent, physically strong specialists. This is a hard, noble and beautiful work. Let the holiday serve as an impulse for new successes. And we wish young metallurgists to be equal to the best!

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