Smart challenge

The Association of youth (OM) of the Ulba Metallurgical Plant took a creative challenge.

Young people of large industrial enterprises joined the challenge #Abai175, launched in support of the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on a large-scale celebration of the 175th anniversary of the birth of Abai Kunanbayev. UMP JSC OM also took part.

There are many songs originated in the East Kazakhstan and spread among the people. Although most of us have heard and performed these songs, we know almost nothing about their origin. One of these songs is «Ayttym Salem, Kalamkas...» by the famous Abay Kunanbayev. This composition is still popular among viewers of all ages from the big stage to home gatherings. And OM members choose this song.

«Ayttym Salem, Kalamkas...» is a poem written by Abay in 1889. It consists of ten verses of four lines. This is a masterpiece known all over the world. In the poem, the poet sings about youth, beauty and love and tells about the feeling of two young people to each other. Through a monologue, the character of the composition speaks about his heart and pure love. The song gradually conveys the hot feeling of the young man, however, the poet does not reach the frankness in the poem, he does not go beyond good manners. The poem was first published in 1909 in St. Petersburg in the «Collection of poems of the Kazakh poet Ibrahim Kunanbayuly».

In the preparation of the challenge OM members were very active and among them they are Nina Kostromina – manager of Corporate Culture Department, Kanybek Toleuhan – research engineer of Uranium laboratory, Sergey Golovin – electrician for operation and maintenance of distribution networks, EC, Mikhail Baiteryakov – process engineer of Beryllium Division, Zhulduz Baklaeva – translator of Internal Document Management Office, Asem Ryspayeva – engineer of the Logistics Department and Nikita Popenko – instrument technician. Video can be viewed at:

Samal Iskakova