Masters in training

At the end of February, 50 employees of the plant were trained. ASM COMPANY coach Nurzhan Alzhanova shared her knowledge with Ulba staff during the week at the corporate seminar «School of masters».

Nurzhan Alzhanova acts as a certified business coach, winner of the national award «Altyn Zhurek», honorary worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, Professor, Director of the center for social entrepreneurship of Almaty Management University.

Nurzhan Sharipovna comes to train our specialists not for the first time. According to her, any Manager (and a master is a Manager) should be able to convince, inspire, guide, motivate, solve problems and support the team. In addition, the masters must be able to influence, negotiate, and collaborate with other departments to obtain the necessary resources. Therefore, the school of masters offered all necessary tools for people who want to build effective communications in their program.

The skills acquired during the training will allow the masters to create a positive working environment, maintain high morale in the team and regulate conflicts. Employees will also gain a vision of the overall goals of their activities, which will interest and inspire their subordinates.

– My trainings are aimed at solving actual problems of specific people. And these are different professions, different characters and completely different motivations. During the training, students received knowledge about how to interest themselves and employees in further development, how to make important management decisions, and which leadership style is more effective. This knowledge will help masters better understand their subordinates, their motives, aspirations, effectively build work, distribute responsibilities, increase personal achievements of employees and the company as a whole, – says the teacher.

– I would like to note the thoughtful topics of lectures, comprehensive coverage of problems and their practical significance for us as novice masters. Interest in the result, professionalism, use of innovative techniques and methods of teaching Nurzhan Sharipovna made the classes interesting, and even difficult questions were accessible to understanding. Our coach did not offer ready-made solutions, but only directed the audience in the right direction, allowing them to draw conclusions themselves, which significantly increased the effectiveness of classes. I was really surprised how quickly we became a team of like-minded people, thanks to the psychological games offered by the coach, ways of dividing into groups and tasks. It is particularly valuable that everyone had the opportunity to speak freely and defend their point of view, while the criticism of colleagues was constructive and reasoned, – shares his impressions of the seminar, Alexey Boriskin, a locksmith of BP Instrumental Unit.

At the end of the training, the coach found kind words about each student. Someone is remembered for his perfectionism, someone activity, someone, on the contrary, enviable calm. Factory workers also responded to their teacher with warmth, receiving certificates, shaking hands, taking photos for memory, someone even hugged Nurzhan Sharipovna.

Samal Iskakova