Let the New Year come true!

All children in the world believe in a New Year miracle. And the cut-off children probably believe more. People from UMP sub-units try to create a magic atmosphere for the children.

Traditionally twice a year – the beginning of the school year and for Christmas holidays – kids from Umit orphanage Vassily Jangurazov (14 years) and Alena Krivosenko (13 years) accept gifts from the Uranium unit. The employees buy clothes, shoes, office supplies and other necessary things for the kids. And the most important is that Alena and Vasya get attention, care and joy of communicating with people who feels not different toward them.

In August, the children were fully dressed for the school year. And on the eve of the new year holidays, they got cell phones they waited for a long time.  Now they can not only call, but also go online. The trade union of the Uranium unit will regularly pay the balance. Kids were invited to Pizza café to celebrate.

Sergey and Andrey Kaigorodovs are brothers and they are under the care by the Energy center (EC). It so happened that in 2019 the children moved to different orphanages in Semey. This made it difficult to meet with employees of the EC, but there was a way out – the boys are engaged in basketball and come to Ust-Kamenogorsk for competitions. That's when power engineers see them, talking over the phone in advance and buying everything they need. As a rule, these are sports and outerwear, shoes, sweets and office supplies.

In March Sergey had a birthday and he got jeans, t-shirts, a shirt, a cap, sneakers, a sports leotard, a windbreaker, a cake and fruits for his birthday and they [aid for his cell phone. In May Andrey had a birthday and his coach got flash and SIM cards to his phone, MP3 player, basketball uniform, juices, sweets and also his cell phone balance was paid over. On children's day the boys were fully dressed to have vacations in a camp. Other kids enjoyed ice-cream bought by people from the energy group. Sergey got jeans, t-shirts, a shirt, sneakers, a jacket, a charger and some funds to cover his cell phone balance, and sweets and candies were bought for the whole group. For the New year Andrey got sneakers, a tracksuit and a t-shirt. They also presented a speaker with headphones and a flash card to him. As a tradition, other kids from the group enjoyed with the new year's bags.

– Despite the fact that the guys now live far from us, we still feel them as our own and we always take care about them, - energy experts say.

Dmitriy Pianzin is cared by the test center (TC). He is finishing school this year. The young man has already decided on his future profession as IT. Dima took part in the city Olympiad among schoolchildren in the Kazakh language and took second place. A gifted young man was recognized as the best player in the national basketball competitions among orphanages, and after the competition they presented a cell phone to him.

The test center pleases its ward with gifts twice a year. In November, according to tradition, they bought warm shoes, a jacket, a tracksuit and a t-shirt for Dmitriy.

– Dima is a very sociable and well-educated guy. He is good in fashion issues, he chooses everything himself and it should be noted that he tries buying high-quality clothing, - Natalya Radionova, a staff specialist, warmly tells about Dmitriy.

January 13 is Dima's birthday, and the TC team decided to give the young man a wrist watch as a souvenir.

There were some stories about Sabina Troeglazova in the UMP newspaper. She is under the care of the motor transport sector. Like other foster children of the plant's divisions, Sabina feels the care and attention. Before the New year, the factory workers traditionally came to the girl and among other necessary gifts there was one she waited for a long time. The chief of the financial and technical supply department, Sylkym Berikbolov bought Samsung smartphone and handed it over to Sabina. The girl was deeply pleased with such surprise, not the only one as Sabina and Galina Ermalkovich, the auto sector cashier visited Pizza cafe.

– We help children grow as true people and thus we help ourselves to live in a better society, - Marina Nevzorova, HR specialist, says.

By Samal Iskakova