Thoroughly thought through down to the finest details, new, modern, unique and custom-made. It's all about a new escort railcar, which was presented as a gift by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of US Department of Defense to Ulba metallurgical plant.

On November 19, 2019, an official ceremony for transfer of a new railcar for escort of special cargo was held at UMP JSC in frames of international cooperation between UMP JSC and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency of US Department of Defense. The railcar is designed for transportation of people accompanying the cargo, as well as military guards of the national guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan, when transporting nuclear materials through the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

This event was preceded by long-term and hard work of specialists from Safety and Security Director’s Office, headed by Mr. Roman Nadtochiy.

Currently, UMP JSC has one railcar, which due to long-term operation has become old and obsolete. The old railcar is still in running condition thanks to the efforts and care of railroaders working at storage facility, it has recently been overhauled, what extended its service life. But the service life is coming to an end, which is a substantial reason to ban running through the railways of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries. The exclusive railcar was made in Tashkent, according to UMP terms of reference, and certified in Russia. For now, this railcar is one-of-a-kind. Mr. Sergey Kazantsev, Deputy Chief of Storage Facility for Railway Transport, supervised everything starting from technical description to production, acceptance and delivery of the railcar to the plant.

Currently, the procedure of its registration and obtaining a permit for running is in process.

Thought out to the last detail

13 couchettes, wardrobes and electric dryer for clothes, washbasins, shower, autonomous bio toilet, storage water heater with hot water - everything is equipped for a comfortable trip over long distances.

There are two kitchens in the railcar equipped with everything necessary for cooking - combined stoves (gas+electrical), dispenser with portable water, refrigerators, microwave, dishes, ready-built kitchens, electric kettles, sinks, hoods. One is for the guard and the other is for the trainmen.


The system of physical protection is thought over. The picture from external and internal cameras is transmitted to video surveillance console located in a semi-coupe of the head of the guard. Anti-vandal screens are installed on the windows of the railcar. There is ventilation, fire alarm system, accompanying sound of unauthorized door opening.

Heating and electrical systems

Generator which is installed in the railcar produces electricity only when driving. And how about stations? When the train stops combined boiler equipment - diesel or solid fuel is provided for heating. Working lighting and refrigerators will be powered by accumulator batteries. By the way, refrigerator was not provided in the old railcar and in the new one the accumulator batteries will allow them to work and keep food.

The new railcar is comfortable and modern, comfortable working place, home on wheels, now at the entire disposal of Ulba personnel. Thank you for the gift and have a “green” way!


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