The Future BELONGS to the Youth!

 As a part of celebration of the 70th anniversary, the III Youth Scientific and Technical Conference YOUTH. SCIENCE. INNOVATIONS was held.

 Apart from UMP young specialists, the conference was attended by employees of the branches of the National nuclear center (NNC) of Kazakhstan - Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology and Institute of Atomic Energy, Mashzavod LLP, JV Inkai LLP, Kazzinc LLP, RU-6 LLP, students of EKSTU named after D. Serikbayeva.

 There were 23 reports on current topics-scientific and technical solutions, introduction of innovative technologies, modernization of production, labor protection and industrial safety, management systems, quality management, energy and resource saving, IT-technologies. This is only a part of the ideas proposed by the participants of the conference this year. By the way, many of the proposals developed and voiced by them have already been implemented in practice.

 A remarkable fact is that the vast majority of projects of young developers has to some extent environmental orientation.

 Opening the meeting, the Chairman of Expert Commission, head of production and technical department of UMP JSC, Mr. Alexander Borsuk noted that the development of Ulba Metallurgical Plant is impossible without scientific support. According to him, it is engineering thought multiplied by a scientific approach, allowed the company to maintain a worthy place among the industrial giants of the country.

 - Dear participants of a conference! Today you have a wonderful opportunity to communicate with each other, exchange experiences. Of course, this will contribute to obtaining additional knowledge, strengthening your professional experience. We hope that this meeting will remain in your memory for a long time and will inspire you with optimism in future, – said Alexander Borsuk.

 Reports of young specialists aroused genuine interest of the audience. Many questions were asked about cost, payback, implementation in production process, ecology, raw materials, ensuring legality. Many reports were animated, showing technological processes that would be difficult to imagine without clarity.

 Timur Aldayarov interested colleagues with the topic dedicated to composite propellant and optimization of fuel cycle.

 – The project presented by me today is aimed, first of all, at saving resources of nuclear industry. This topic was started by me in the doctoral program of EKSTU on the basis of developments of UMP. There are prospects that in future these technologies will be introduced at other production sites of our country.


The current topic of processing highly enriched uranium at Ulba facility opened Gusakova Galina. The topic aroused the keen interest of colleagues from the Kurchatov National Nuclear Center who are dealing with the same problem, but on a different raw material.

 Roman Plotnikov, Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment of Mashzavod LLP proved feasibility of using IT technologies. He introduced a thermal imager controlled by a mobile phone. Thanks to this gadget the specialists of the Machine Plant accurately and safely determine temperature of the production equipment.

 – It is possible to work even at a long distance without coming close to objects under high voltage – explained the young man.

 Amir Kairzhanov representing the branch of National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan "Institute of Radiation Safety and Ecology" held a presentation of an interactive map of the Semipalatinsk’s test site (STS) – this is an information application. It combines historical facts and archival documents of the STS, photo and video archives, panoramic images that are not included in Museum, contains information about ecosystem of the landfill.

 Such scientific and technical conferences allow to activate innovative activity, find new non-standard approaches to solution of problems. This undoubtedly leads to development of enterprises, strengthening cooperation and improving quality of scientific research.

 The organizers thank all the speakers for their participation.

 Press Office