100 % сonformity 

In March 2019 this year, there was a social audit at UMP JSC Beryllium Production in the field of sustainable development, at the request of Constellium, which is a European consumer of aluminum-beryllium alloys. The customer’s request was related to the so-called The “Aluminum Initiative”, supported by the world's largest suppliers of aluminum products, according to which the companies forming the supply chain should be audited for compliance with the customer’s code of ethics. Constellium has been audited by Boeing as a supplier and is interested in auditing its own suppliers. This company covers 100% of its needs for aluminum-beryllium alloys by JSC UMP material.

The audit was conducted by Intertek Rus JSC, which is the Russian branch of the international company Intertek, consisting of more than 1000 representative offices in more than 100 countries, providing innovative and individual solutions for the supply, testing, inspection and certification of supply chains.

The audit included verification of compliance with the following areas:

• Labor (child / forced labor, discrimination, discipline, harassment, freedom of unionization, labor agreements);

• Salary and working hours (salaries, benefits and allowances; working hours);

• On-the-job safety and prevention of accidents (workplace, emergency preparedness, occupational injuries, equipment safety, workplace safety, chemical and hazardous materials, rest rooms, dining room);

• Management systems;

• Environment (regulatory compliance, management systems, waste and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere).

According to the results of the audit, JSC “UMP” issued a certificate of full compliance and 100% rating as part of the audit WORKPLACE CONDITIONS ASSESSMENT (WCA) 2.0 - Assessment Criteria valid until March 27, 2020.