15 years of ULBA-CHINA:time for new success

June 15, 2019 Ulba-China Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ulba Metallurgical Plant, celebrated its 15th anniversary. The plant managers took part in the celebrations. The program of the holiday included a meeting with partners and a gala dinner.

An anniversary is always an occasion to remind significant events.  The company was founded in 2004, and it was created to promote UMP products in China and Southeast Asia markets. The subsidiary's office is located at the free economic zone on the east coast of China, in Shanghai. Ulba-China sells the products to Chinese consumers from here and also ships products to South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and India.

Since its founding, the company has been led by general manager Mr. Zeng Jiangdong. Today the number of company employees is 10 people.  For 15 years, the activities of Ulba-China in China have allowed more than 20 times to increase the sales of UMP products in the Chinese market. Moreover, among the many company’s customers there are both small companies that purchase only a few kilograms of products annually, and large companies that buy tens of tons of beryllium products per year.  Starting from scratch, Ulba-China has gained a high reputation and well-deserved authority among customers in China and East Asia over the past years.  Today, the number of Ulba-China customers exceeds sixty.

We congratulate the company and its employees on achieving undeniable success and wish them continued prosperity, well-being and good luck!